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What We Do...

Web & UI Designing
We do designing of web pages and user interfaces for apps based on your ideas

Web Application Development
Using technologies like PHP, MySQL, etc. we develop custom tailored web applications that meet your requirements

WordPress Theme Dev. & Customization
We do coding of custom WordPress themes and templates, extending the capabilities of the Content Management System

Mobile App Development
Hybrid application development that will meet all your needs, and deployment to both Android & iOS platforms

API Development
Development of REST APIs for your existing/new applications

Chrome Extension Development
Development of custom extensions for Chrome web browser, based on your requirement


Akash B Chandran
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
A person who looks at the future with a business mind, having experience running business with international clients
Akhilesh B Chandran
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Passionate coder, driving enthusiast, and having experience developing many big projects for clients around the world.


... and many more!

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